Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Book review no. 22 Biting the Bullet, Married to the SAS


biting the bullet married to the SAS

When Jenny Simpson married she joined a unique band of women – the SAS wives – and entered a world of secrecy and danger that few outside it could begin to imagine.

'Biting the Bullet' reveals the rivalry and betrayal behind the bravado and camaraderie, the intense pressure that so often leads to domestic violence and marital break-up, a life that is at once exhausting and exhilarating.

It is also the story of a passionate and fiery relationship that survived against incredible odds, an enduring love affair that kept two people emotionally inseparable from the small-town world of Hereford to the jungles of Belize, the bleak mountain-tops of the Falklands and the deserts of Iraq.

This book review has been a long time coming, I finally got my hands on it after Mr D bought it from a second hand stall for 1.00.

Mr D read and enjoyed it, & it was then passed on to a friend of his. I was next in line.

First published in 1996, this is the story of the SAS from the other side of the marital fence.

The most famous book in recent times about the SAS I think was Bravo Two Zero, in 1993 where Andy Mc Nab tells the story of the SAS during the first gulf war in 1991. I think everyone I know has read that book, and there followed several other books by other members of the SAS telling their stories.

I had never heard of a book from the wives point of view until Mr D came home with this.

I found this book really interesting. It tell the story of a marriage surviving Jenny’s husbands deployment to The Falklands, Northern Ireland & Iraq. How they survived (but almost didn’t) the months of separation. The fear and uncertainty of whether her husband would come back, & if he did, whether he would be the same husband that had gone out there. It also tells tales of different missions, what life was like when you were given an extendable mirror to look underneath your car for bombs, & how Jenny took up an offer to go to The Killing House to see first hand what her husband was learning.

If you are at all interested in Military life, or actually, even if you are not, I would tell you to read this book as it really does make you realise what these people go through.

Being an Army Brat myself, this reminded me of sending those blue letters to my dad when he was away, and the pictures and pictures (& more pictures) of penguins that came home after he was in The Falklands. Seriously. You’ve seen one penguin, you’ve seen them all. That still makes us laugh.

This book is going to my sis, as I think she will like it. Get her away from those Elizabeth Chadwick novels for a while…



  1. I can't imagine what it would be like to be married to a military husband - the uncertainty on all the levels would be really difficult.

  2. My brother was in the Special Forces - a Green Beret. I wonder if he had similar experiences. I may have to read this one.

  3. This sounds so interesting. It would be different from any other books I have read before :)