Monday, 8 October 2012

How we were…in 2007


Bungay2007 The happy Family

I’ve been trawling though my computer files and putting the albums onto disk…it’s a slow job but worth the bother…so I thought I would share some favourites.

These pictures were in 2007 on my Birthday weekend. I would have been turning 35 here I think, if I’ve counted correctly.

Bungay2007 5

We had gone on a camping trip to a lovely site at Bungay. As you can see we took the jeep and the weather was perfect.

Baxter (our black lab) and Fern (friends Spaniel) had a great time.

Bungay2007 Baxter&Fern

They are both gone now to play sticks in doggie heaven. I still miss my little black waggy tail.

Bungay2007 Birthday Girl

I still have all the clothes I was wearing here, and still love them. The skirt and top were from White Stuff. Which, yes is expensive, but when you think I wear them still 5 yrs later it puts a new light on things. The flip flops I’m wearing were from New Look and surprisingly, I was still wearing them this past summer.

The blanket lives in the back of the car and is now losing the waterproof ness of the backing. Time to treat myself to a new one maybe.

Bungay2007 6

Our tent was the one with the balloons on, of course Smile

Hope you liked looking into my past! haha!!



  1. Ah, I love looking through old photos, it always brings back so many wonderful memories!
    Such gorgeous pics and you look super cute! Love the outfit!
    Have a wonderful day xxx

  2. How lovely to pop by and be introduced to you from the past! Now to go nosey about your blog! *hello* from a new follower!

  3. I love old photos too and I think we need to look at them often to remember good times. When I looked at your skirt in the first photo I immediately thought it looked like one from White Stuff. How wonderful for it still to be in fashion 5 years later. I do like the shop but usually wait until the sales before I buy anything.
    Sarah x

  4. Aw fun! I love that picture of you on the blanket, you look so pretty!

  5. Loving that skirt (White Stuff is a new English fav for me), and that Jeep! I had a Jeep for years - I'd love one of those really old Defenders, but not sure I'd like the maintenance bills :) wonderful photos!

  6. Hi Claire, Thanks for paying my blog a visit :)
    Isn't it fun to look back at old photo's..brings back the memories. I do love camping, though haven't been for some time (the ol' tent is getting dusty in the shed I am afraid).
    I am your newest follower...
    Magie x

  7. a great thing about old photos, they help us remember!!

  8. I love finding old photos and thinking about great memories. Is that your husband? He looks like Dean from Supernatural. :)