Thursday, 11 October 2012

It just couldn’t get any cosier at my house



If you pay any attention to my ramblings you will know that I m a fire place fan.

I visit friends houses that are fire place less and wonder what they look at? Oh yes….the flipping great TV….

Our house has two working fire places, in the lounge & dining room. Also a teeny tiny one in our bedroom which is not used.

The two fire places were open, and this year Mr D & I decided to put a wood burning stove in the dining room.

We bought the stove at the beginning of the summer, because we had the change to buy it at a very special price, and there it has sat in the middle of the room…being used as a dumping ground for all manner of things…


One day a few weeks ago this is what greeted me when I arrived home. Mr D had decided it was time.

empty fire place

The beautiful cast Victorian fire surround which had sat there for goodness knows how long was carefully taken out and the hole made bigger to accommodate the stove.

There was some dust.


Mr D hopped up onto the roof of the house and fitted the flu liner thingummy which was needed, stuck a few tiles on the floor and there we have it. (I make it sound so easy ha!)


We love our new fire place. The old fire place didn’t heat the room so well but this has heated the whole house much more than we could ever imagined.

I can’t stop putting wood on.

Our dining room is to become a functional room, and not just a passage way to the kitchen/back garden.

We even sat at the table and had tea last night.

Proper grown up style.



  1. It looks lovely Claire. Cosy and romantic.

  2. Ooh I LoVe fireplaces too, sadly our house doesn't have one but I'm hoping that when we build our extension we can put one in. Loving your wood burner.
    Victoria xx

  3. I LOVE your new fireplace! LOVE, LOVE , LOVE!!! I wish I could hang out with you in front of it and we could chat away into the wee hours of the night!!


  4. Your new fireplace looks wonderful, looks as if you will be so cosy over the winter.
    Sarah x

  5. Oh that is lovely, I really adore it! Good job!

  6. I LOVE fireplaces! There's one upstairs in the house I live in and I can't wait till we can move up there to use it!

  7. I love it!! I can just imagine how cozy warm y'all are! We have a fireplace, but haven't used it yet this year. Maybe in a month or two!

  8. I'd love a real fireplace, we've always heated the house I grew up in the us with wood - but we had a boiler that was tucked away and we never got to see the fire - but they're so comforting!

  9. I love fire places. Yours looks so cosy. I would love a fire place in our house, but our house is made completely of wood with wooden furniture. A fire place is probably not the smartest idea, haha.

    x Jasmine