Saturday, 20 October 2012

My very own Kelly Moore bag.


I’ve been blogging for a good couple of years now, and for at least one of those years I have been coveting other bloggers camera bags.

Having treated myself to a big girls camera last year, I knew I needed to keep it safe in a proper bag made for the purpose.

So I searched the internet. To say I was disappointed would be the blogging understatement of the decade. Camera bags are in general hideous. Camera bags in the UK are the most hideous of all.  They are ugly, impractical and scream ‘I’m carrying around a big expensive camera come and steal it.’ The few handmade ones which I did quite like were not waterproof. I ended up buying a cheap one because they were all so awful I thought I didn’t want to spend any more than 10.00 on any I had seen in the UK.

Then I found Kelly. Obviously I found her through blogs, & once I had been on the website and watched every single video (what a fabulous idea that is!) I decided that one of these bags was definitely what I needed. If you’ve never watched any of these videos I suggest you do. Kelly describes each style and shows you how you can fit your camera/lens/laptop/phone/change of clothes (yes you read that right) into each style bag.

I thought about having one shipped over from the US, but I didn’t want to get caught for the duty fee which can be hefty, & these bags are on the pricey side, so was a tad reluctant to buy un seen as it were.


Knowing that we would be in NYC, I emailed the Kelly people and asked where I could buy one. Then there was no stopping me.

So what do I think of my Kelly Moore? Was it worth the 7 1/2 hour flight? Would they just be a fashion statement and really bad quality?

I looked at several styles in the shop, but settled on the Classic, because the size was right. Personally any bigger than this one would be far to big for my needs, although you know I’m going to have more accessories one day so watch this space…any smaller than the classic I wouldn’t be able to use as a handbag as well as a camera bag, which is one of the biggest plus of these bags.


I used this bag as my only bag for walking around NYC. It was perfect for keeping my camera safe but I was also able to keep all my daily necessities in it. BIG bonus is how easy it is to get your camera out of the bag when you want to take a picture. The bag closes with magnetic snaps, which are really strong and yet really easy to open with one hand to grab your camera.

This style bag comes with a shoulder strap, so i wear it across the body, & it sits nicely at my bum. I love that there are lots of pockets on the outside for various items. Phone, purse, pen, lipstick, Filofax. Of course the inside Velcro compartments can be shifted about to fit your various camera parts.

I chose the colour Teal. It was between that and Grey, but I decided Grey was a bit safe. I did look at the purple one, but in the flesh it was pretty bright, & shiny.

So I’m quite pleased with my purchase. I can’t flippin wait to get out there and show the UK how a camera bag should look. (can anyone say…gap in the market!?)


What kind of camera bag do you have?

Please note…I have not received any payment for this review, of course if Kelly would like to send me over any other of her bags I would be more than willing to review them, for free. Of course I would need to keep the bag….s….. in order to test drive them properly..



  1. Gorgeous!! I have been admiring Kelly's bags for a while. I'm terrible when it comes to my camera. I just throw it (and any spare lenses) in my already oversized bag and off I go. I should probably take more care of my stuff!

    x Jasmine

  2. I have heard such great things about these bags!! Glad to know that you love it!!

  3. Love the bag and how spacious it is!!

  4. Love the bag and how spacious it is!!

  5. Love the bag and how spacious it is!!

  6. Great idea and you're so right, camera bags are generally pretty hideous. I'm quite terrible, I simply carry the camera over my shoulder which of course screams either 'come and mug me' or 'self-important blogger/wannabe photographer' - neither of which is great ;-)

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, hope you manage to enjoy some hot chocolate with marshmallows ;-) xo

  7. Wow, this is a really beautiful bag, I just got two new bags :).

  8. That is LOVELY. I'm a little jealous! I have a Jo Totes bag and love it!

  9. That bag is gorgeous. I need a good camera bag. I just keep mine in my handbag at the moment but a camera bag would be so much better. x

  10. That is beautiful! I have a grey THEIT that I love!

  11. Hi :) Good news everyone - Kelly's bags are now available in UK & Europe. After discovering Kelly's bags I couldn't help myself ;) and I convinced my fiance to sell them! So I'm very happy to announce that you can buy them on
    They are the most functional, organised and stylish bags I know.

    All the best guys