Sunday, 25 November 2012

Late Night Thoughts

I'm really happy with my new whisk of the electrical kind.
I made this cake
Which I took to the charity shop I've been volunteering in.
I love volunteering in the shop. Today I did the window display in a 'party' theme.
It was like playing dolly dress up but with big dummies instead of those paper dolls.
I'm knackered and I haven't seen enough of Mr D this week.
I'm happy though, and I know he will still be there when the long shifts are over.
I've nearly finished my Christmas shopping.
It's 1 am and I should be in bed but I had to watch Strictly and the Young Apprentice on Iplayer
I love Iplayer. I think I am the only person in the universe not to have sky plus (or a HD TV) so iplayer is my saviour.
Our TV is the one Mr D bought when he was 18. He is now 40+. I would rather eat sawdust than buy a 42inch flat screen.
Night Night.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rainy day activities of the modern & vintage variety

It’s raining. I have the day off.


I’ve been dreaming of a Roberts Radio for the dining room, now that this is the most used room in the house with the new wood burner. You know the ones that are all cute and candy coloured?

Yesterday I was given (for a very reasonable price) a vintage one.


Oh how in love am I.

I haven't stopped listening to it. 

And check out the colour. Not candy. Not exactly cute. But perfect for adventures in our home on wheels.


Whilst listening to my new radio, I will be testing out my new whisk. I have never owned an electric whisk, all my cake making has been of  the manual kind. I know.

Last week I swapped my Tesco club card vouchers for this.


Welcome to the modern world Mrs D.


I wonder if it will make a difference to the cake mix?

Do you whisk by hand?


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Class. (A grown up Mallory Towers). Book review No 25!

I seem to have a bit of a back log of books to review at the moment, I seem to have gone through a bit of a dry spell in the middle of this year with books that took forever to read, but lately I’ve read quite a few good ones. And you know when they are good you read them quickly.

So beast I stop waffling and get on then.


It's about love lives ...Maggie has been dating Stan for years - safe, comfortable and about as exciting as soggy toast. Can their relationship survive? Especially when Maggie meets David McDonald, her opposite number at the boys boarding school over the hill. Every single girl in the school has a crush on him, but not Maggie ...yet. It's about school lives ...Two girls. Same form. Simone Kardashian has won a scholarship and is determined to make her parents proud. Fliss Prosser is furious at being so far from home and her friends. As Simone tries desperately to fit in, Fliss tries desperately to get out. It's about private lives ...Veronica Deveral knows how to manage a school. Routine and discipline are fundamental to her role. But Veronica has a secret that could ruin her career.

Anyone remember reading the boarding school books when they were young? I was addicted to Mallory Towers, St Clares, I wanted to go to boarding school & play hockey, & have midnight feasts.

Well this book is the grown up version. You never really got to know the teachers in those books, it was all about the new girl, the swot, & the popular (aka bitch). You never knew the teachers had private lives.

Class is the story of the new teacher at Downey House, who escapes her boring safe life to do something unexpected. Who would have thought while reading those St Clare’s books that the teachers have love lives!?

This book has all the characters you would expect to find in a boarding school, the New Girl, the Popular one, the French Teacher (Mademoiselle). It’s a must read for all who loved those stories as a young reader.

This book was printed in 2008, so has been around for a while. I bought it from a charity shop I can’t remember when and it has sat on my shelves for a while gathering dust. I’m so glad i eventually picked it up.

There is apparently a follow up book called Rules, which I will definitely look out for!


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I think I would like it to snow now. Charlie agrees.



If you look reeeeeally closely at these pictures you can make out Charlie. My sisters doggie who came to live with them last year. He likes the snow almost as much as I do.

The weather has been quite mild for November here, although we had torrential rain yesterday, it really isn’t as cold as my wood burner would like it to be.

charlie in the snow

 I know a lot of people don’t like the snow.

I’m not one of them.

Neither is Charlie.


Friday, 9 November 2012

Reliving our Youth



As teenagers Mr D & I were fans of Simple Minds. To be honest I didn’t like them at first, Mr D introduced me to them & I really wasn’t into that kind of music. I was in love with John Taylor after all.

But they grew on me, and after seeing them live at the old Wembley Stadium, I was sold.

This was the late 80’s early 90’s when I looked like this..


I had a bit of a hair cut in those days…


Any way, for Mr D’s Christmas present this year I have bought him time machine tickets. Which will take us back to the good old days, when we see these boys again on tour.

When I told Mr D I got the tickets (just..they were some of the last left!) Phew! He dug out the CD’s and we listened to them. Loud.


They don’t look like that anymore….but then neither do we!

We have to wait until May 2013 though which is criminal really.

Who were you listening to in the early 90’s?


Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Vintage Teacup Club Book Review No. 24..(oh & 23)

Before we begin, please go over to my other blog to find the missing review. No. 23 is a book review which isn't strictly of a book. Confused? Well hop on over and all will become clear..

the vintage tea cup club

At a car boot sale in Sussex, three very different women meet and fall for the same vintage tea set. They decide to share it - and form a friendship that changes their lives . . .

Jenny can't wait to marry Dan. Then, after years of silence, she hears from the woman who could shatter her dreams.

Maggie has put her broken heart behind her and is gearing up for the biggest event of her career - until she's forced to confront the past once more.

Alison seems to have it all: married to her childhood sweetheart, with two gorgeous daughters. But as tensions mount, she is pushed to breaking point.

Dealing with friendship and families, relationships and careers, highs and lows, The Vintage Teacup Club is heart-warming storytelling at its very best.

This book  is a confirmed case of judging-a-book-by-it’s-cover. Which I admit I am guilty of more than once in a blue moon. I don’t care what anyone says. If the cover doesn't jump out and grab me by the neck then sorry, I am not buying. No matter how many prizes it’s won.

So anyone who knows me at all would say that this book could have been written for and/or by me.

It has everything in it which I love. Pretty tea cups. Vintage weddings (& Alice in Wonderland themed too…could it be any more cliché?)

Three girls decide that instead of tearing each others limbs off in order to buy the perfect tea set at the boot sale (which I may or may not have been tempted to do…) they will take the civilised route & take turns.

One to use at her own wedding, one to use at a wedding she is planning, and lastly they will become tea cup candles for a small business.

This is a debut novel, and oh my, if Vanessa Greene’s future novels are anything like this you can safely assume I will be a fan.

A wonderfully easy engaging novel about new friendships, (oh and tea cups) the characters could be my friends any day of the week. 

Really. Go get it. Have a cuppa (vintage china purleeease) sit by the fire…and read.


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Lately…Autumn edition

I found all these photos on my phone so I thought I’d share them.


This Autumn…

I’ve had some lovely walks out with my borrowed waggy tailed friend.


We’ve explored the new stretch of prom and sea defences. (& remembered my teenage self ‘hanging out’ here on these stones. Acting all cool.


We’ve scrunched through the fallen leaves, & had some quite lovely skies.


Our last weekend camp was by the river, just four of us, with a big fire to keep us warm.


Boys are always happy bonding over fire building.


There has been some gatherings at friends houses for music and merriment,

010 More fires of course…


Steve the cat decided the box was in his sun spot…


I have the day off today, I can’t wait to tell you all about tea with my lovely blogger friend, (I’m waiting for her photos to appear as I don’t have the one of the two of us together)

Now I have some catching up to do with my mail, treasure to sort for a fair on Saturday, oh and there's that kettle whistling…

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Autumn so far!