Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Class. (A grown up Mallory Towers). Book review No 25!

I seem to have a bit of a back log of books to review at the moment, I seem to have gone through a bit of a dry spell in the middle of this year with books that took forever to read, but lately I’ve read quite a few good ones. And you know when they are good you read them quickly.

So beast I stop waffling and get on then.


It's about love lives ...Maggie has been dating Stan for years - safe, comfortable and about as exciting as soggy toast. Can their relationship survive? Especially when Maggie meets David McDonald, her opposite number at the boys boarding school over the hill. Every single girl in the school has a crush on him, but not Maggie ...yet. It's about school lives ...Two girls. Same form. Simone Kardashian has won a scholarship and is determined to make her parents proud. Fliss Prosser is furious at being so far from home and her friends. As Simone tries desperately to fit in, Fliss tries desperately to get out. It's about private lives ...Veronica Deveral knows how to manage a school. Routine and discipline are fundamental to her role. But Veronica has a secret that could ruin her career.

Anyone remember reading the boarding school books when they were young? I was addicted to Mallory Towers, St Clares, I wanted to go to boarding school & play hockey, & have midnight feasts.

Well this book is the grown up version. You never really got to know the teachers in those books, it was all about the new girl, the swot, & the popular (aka bitch). You never knew the teachers had private lives.

Class is the story of the new teacher at Downey House, who escapes her boring safe life to do something unexpected. Who would have thought while reading those St Clare’s books that the teachers have love lives!?

This book has all the characters you would expect to find in a boarding school, the New Girl, the Popular one, the French Teacher (Mademoiselle). It’s a must read for all who loved those stories as a young reader.

This book was printed in 2008, so has been around for a while. I bought it from a charity shop I can’t remember when and it has sat on my shelves for a while gathering dust. I’m so glad i eventually picked it up.

There is apparently a follow up book called Rules, which I will definitely look out for!



  1. I will have to look out for his book. Having gone to boarding school and had midnight feasts it sounds just up my street. I can assure you although I loved it my boarding school it didn't match up to Mallory Towers!
    Sarah x

  2. Your book reviews guarantee additions to my reading list! x

  3. No.25, you've been a really busy lady :). I really love the way you write.

  4. You had me at Mallory Towers I loved those books so much.

  5. I really want to read this book now :) I loved Mallory Towers and St Clare's and try to find them when they have the lifeline bookfest. I might have to hunt down the whole series. :)