Friday, 9 November 2012

Reliving our Youth



As teenagers Mr D & I were fans of Simple Minds. To be honest I didn’t like them at first, Mr D introduced me to them & I really wasn’t into that kind of music. I was in love with John Taylor after all.

But they grew on me, and after seeing them live at the old Wembley Stadium, I was sold.

This was the late 80’s early 90’s when I looked like this..


I had a bit of a hair cut in those days…


Any way, for Mr D’s Christmas present this year I have bought him time machine tickets. Which will take us back to the good old days, when we see these boys again on tour.

When I told Mr D I got the tickets (just..they were some of the last left!) Phew! He dug out the CD’s and we listened to them. Loud.


They don’t look like that anymore….but then neither do we!

We have to wait until May 2013 though which is criminal really.

Who were you listening to in the early 90’s?



  1. I loved Indie music - The Smiths were a firm favourite and also Echo & the Bunnymen :)

    Simple Minds did a set at Latitude this summer - I think it went down well - all the retro acts do :)

  2. Supergrass, I should Coco for me but I missed it first time around as i was only 6 when it came out. i listen to a lot of early 90s stuff now though

  3. i love this post and the old photos! so funny. the 90s. i was in high school and college and i can't even remember what i was doing. i think i was listening to out of date music at the time :) lots of R&B and old school stuff.

  4. Awesome! What a fantastic present!

    Love the photos ;)

    In the early 90s I was listening to New Kids on the Block. Be still my beating heart. Swoon!

    x Jasmine

  5. I was listening to Simple Minds too! My sister had all the albums on vinyl. So great that you're going to see them. Otherwise, I was listening to The Shamen and Utah Saints! Don't judge me I was only 10! ;) x

  6. You got me getting out our Simple Minds CD too!
    Sarah x

  7. I bought my husband Simple Minds tickets too - we only have to wait until April though!