Sunday, 29 July 2012

You know what they say about cobblers children..



Well the same can be said for carpenters wives. Not that we don’t have any shoes, I have plenty of those, but that I don’t have one of these when Mr D has been busy restoring it for a friend.


It is in fact an old railway goods van, which Mr D restored into a friends very own Gypsy Wagon!


I like to think he’s practising for the day he makes one for me


As you can see, we had sun this weekend!


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Rain, Shine & Mud!



It was pretty muddy when we first arrived at our big field in Kent. So much so that we wondered if the show would ever happen, but the organisers managed to drag everyone on who couldn’t get there under their own steam.  Our porta loo was even dragged into position. (yes we are upper class campers that have got to the age where we rent our own portaloo rather than brave the public ones!) Wellies and brolly’s were the order of the day. (Thank you Niece for my cute brolly)

But at last the sun did appear, just in time for the paying public to burst through the gates. Sometimes I wish they would keep those gates shut. Too many people.

I spent my time wandering the miles of stalls (mostly green greasy metal or dead-mans clothes) aka ‘blue’ stalls. But this year there was a definite upturn in ‘pink’ stalls. I got (thank you Mr D!) some 50’s style dungarees that I have been lusting over for years. Photo shoot to follow Smile


We had dancing lessons on the lawn….


I spent an afternoon watching the dancers in the marquee..


Once again they had The Jive Aces every afternoon


various friends arrived throughout the week to join us


Great way to carry your bike!


Mr D and his friend dressed up for dinner….


And we had a bit of fun around the camp too..


We have been going to this particular show for 14 years now and we never tire of it. Roll on next year!


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tue Night In

Back from 10 days sitting in a very muddy field at The War & Peace Show (more on that another day)


I am now up to date on the washing (thank you Mr Sunshine!) seriously is there anything better than a washing line full of clean laundry?

I’ve read all the daily papers which Mr D and I never cancel the delivery of while we go away so that we get to know all the local goings on when we come home. (FYI nothing terribly exciting happened)

Here I sit, catching up with my virtual friends, supping the last of the left over cider.

Apparently we are in the middle of a heat wave. I even wore my 3/4 length trousers to work this morning.


Thursday, 19 July 2012

What’s in my Basket



I have two or three bags which I use on a regular basis, depending on what I’m doing/where I’m working. For the last few months I’ve been using my wicker basket for work. Baskets are great as you can find everything fairly easily and even in this small one, it’s amazing how much you can cram in there.


Notepads. We all know we cannot call ourselves true Bloggers unless we carry around notepads.  I’ve been carrying these two around with me lately. The top one was a present from a bloggy friend and I love it. Thank you Kylie. The bottom one I bought myself. Because I do that. Along with tea cups, notepads are the other thing I buy most of.

ID Card. I have two ID cards, depending on which organisation I’m working for, the one shown above is a bad photo. The other one I can assure you is a much better photo but in the name of honest blogging, I resisted the urge to swap them before the photograph.


Filofax. I love my Filofax, it is part of me & I would be lost without it. When you are working three jobs and have an Etsy/Ebay shop, it’s important to keep organised. I bought this for myself in those long forgotten days before the pink/purple trendy ones appeared. So mine is black. It’s also stuffed full of various bits of paper, notepads and there’s a calculator in there somewhere.


Scooby snacks. I carry food around with me a lot. It’s not that I’m obsessed, it’s just that I am sometimes on the road and and I like to eat in between appointments. This selection is just the food that I didn't eat this morning. I did eat: a different cereal bar. A bag of crisps and a clementine.


Makeup bag & perfume. The makeup bag is stuffed to the brim. Mascara, hand cream, antibacterial hand cleanser, lip salve, lipstick,  painkillers, hair bands. The perfume is my every day favourite. Vanilla by The Body shop. 


Scarf. I have about four hundred and twenty two scarves. Well a few any way. I use them to keep warm, to protect my shoulders from sun or just to accessorise. This one I think my mum bought me.


Monday, 16 July 2012

Gypsy Wagon Love


gypsy wagon

You all know by now there is an inner Gypsy in me. I’m not talking about those girls you see on the TV with the glitzy shiny toilet roll holder like dresses. I’m talking about just me, Mr D and our little (well bigger than most) home on wheels.

You also know how I love Etsy. So it was great that I could combine my two loves, and purchased the above print from the lovely Vanessa at her Etsy Shop.

And as there was a 2-for-1 offer on at the time (I know…I had to restrain myself) I got this one too!…

midnight tea

I haven't decided where to put them yet, it’s on my to-do list when I get back from our own Gypsy Wagon adventures…

I won’t be around much over the next week or so, but I’ll be thinking of you :)



Thursday, 12 July 2012

Book Review no. 15

never can say goodbye christina jones
You may be thinking I’m slacking in the book department this year and that would be partly true.
I have been reading, I’m just being slow at posting reviews.
The main reason for this is I haven't read a book for ages that I would want to tall you all about.
This one has kinda changed that. Well I’m posting so it must have been ok!
It looks, Frankie thought happily to herself, like a proper fabulous frock shop!
Francesca Meredith has always had a penchant for vintage dresses. So when she inherits a retro dress shop in the quaint Berkshire village of Kingston Dapple, it's better than winning the lottery. Life is just perfect for Frankie, but it's about to get complicated when she sees a masculine vision setting up shop outside her door - heart-throb florist Dexter Valentine.
As Frankie tries her best to make 'Francesca's Fabulous Frocks' into a success, Dexter's philandering proves the ultimate distraction. That is, until the village medium insists that Frankie's shop is haunted and Frankie starts witnessing some very strange shenanigans.
Will Dexter think she's crazy? Will Frankie's terribly ordinary life return to normal ever again? Does she even want it to. . .?
First five sentence's….. ‘and to Francesca Angelina Maud Meredith, I bequeath my……. ‘Hang on Rita, Frankie Meredith, perched on the wide and highly polished wooden counter of Rita’s Rent-a-Frock shop, interrupted. I think I might have spotted a flaw there.
‘Really?’ Rita, Frankie’s middle-aged friend and employer, salsa’d between the claustrophobically crammed clothes rails in too-tight, too-short, scarlet silk flamenco dress. ‘And what’s that then?’
‘You can’t bequeath me anything. You’re not dead’.
Where I got it….  This came from the local cheap bookstore, quite recently in a moment of weakness where I was sucked in to the 3 for a fiver deal.
The cover….. I love the cover, the colour, those dresses that i would totally wear with wellies… covers to me are very important. I judge a book by them and I’m not afraid to admit it!
Made me…  want to spend my days selling vintage dresses whilst checking out the local talent across the village square….
Who’s the lucky duck that’s getting it next?…. This is going to sis as I know she would love the mix of vintage store and ghosts!!
I did really enjoy this book, it’s easy reading chic lit of course, but the mixture of the vintage dress store, romance and a bit of a haunting was just perfect for me.
Mr D & I are off on lorry adventures, and I have a stack of books packed which is a great thing as I’m feeling like I haven't read enough good books this year.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tues Night In with The Ballet

The only ballet I’ve ever seen was a local production of The Nutcracker many years ago, when I feared for the dancers safety jumping about on the too small stage of the local Spa Pavilion.

Tonight, through channel hopping, I came across Snow White.  By Angelin Preljocaj.

The costumes made me stop channel hopping, by Jean Paul Gaultier they are pretty cool.

I have to say, I enjoyed it more than a little bit.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that Mr D will be glad he wasn't here. I’m just not sure Ballet would be his cup of tea. Even with sexy costumes.

The following was taken from The Guardian website.

Though Preljocaj was interested in "the fairy-tale tradition of ballet" (classics like Sleeping Beauty or Swan Lake), his starting point for Snow White was the brutal, punitive folk story as told by the Brothers Grimm in 1812. Details in the Grimm's' version, like the evil stepmother being forced to dance to death in red-hot iron shoes, are noticeably absent from Disney's classic 1937 cartoon, but caught Preljocaj's eye.

"It's an incredible tale," he says. "Romantic but also dark and cruel, like a thriller with so many developments." He has emphasised the story's Germanic Romanticism by using Gustav Mahler for the score; but in narrative terms, what interested him most was the psychological conflict between Snow White and her jealous, narcissistic stepmother, no longer the fairest of them all. "I think this is a very modern conflict. Everywhere I go, I see women of 45 or 50, out on the streets with their daughters. With modern medicine and nutrition, these women appear very beautiful, sensual and young. They even share clothes with their daughters. But they no longer have their daughters' youth and freshness. I think we are entering the era of the Snow White complex."

Do you like ballet? What should I see next?


Friday, 6 July 2012

This Week..



This little girl turned double figures. There was candy by way of a buffet…(see lots of pics over here) including the candy buffet.


The Olympic Torch came to this little seaside town.. I have no clue who that torch bearer is but he looks rather chuffed!

In between rain showers, I managed to get my bike out for a jolly. I’ve missed her and I need to get back on it so to speak.

Tonight is a glorious sunny evening. I revamped an old laundry bin I found in a second hand shop.


Ripped off the tired stained old padded top, painted the outside, and stapled some pretty material inside.


I did have a conversation with Mr D about this being the ‘magic box’ where he puts his dirty clothes and clean ones magically appear.

Anyone else’s hubby got a box like that!?

Have a lovely weekend!


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tues Night in..Wimbeldon style

You may or may not know that Tues nights Mr D abandons me for the pub. I am left to my own devices to rattle around in my little house trying to pass the time until he decides he has drunk enough beer and spoke enough squit to come back to me.
And if you believe that (apart from the squit bit....that's probably true) then you really don't know me at all.

Tonight...being my Tues night in, I have at last been able to sit and indulge in the British tradition that is Wimbeldon.

I love it, and yet this year I seem to have not seen any matches until tonight when I got to see the highlights.

Theres just something about it that I love

I don't even care who wins that much, I just like watching :)

Yes Tues nights in are pretty indulgent.
And you know I do indulgent very well.
After I've visited with some virtual friends I will be hot-footing it up the stairs to blanket bay, well before 10pm, with my Aug issue of Country Homes & Interiors tucked under my arm.
Hope your Tues night is great.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Candy Buffet Inspiration


candy buffet

For the littlest niece’s 10th Birthday she would like a candy buffet. Well sounds good to me!

I’ve been looking for inspiration.


There’s a lot of it out there!


The lady at the Tesco checkout didn’t even bat an eye when I turned up laden with sweet things.


mmmmmmmmm I’m going to have to tie my hands together to stop opening the packets before tomorrow.

At the party though….it’s every man for himself.