Thursday, 31 January 2013

Book Review No 1 of 2013! (Just to prove I have been reading) Greyhound by Steffan Piper


greyhound by steffan piper

Yes I have been reading still, just in case you were wondering why it has taken me 31 days to get a review out in 2013, I really have no excuse, just a stack of books waiting for me to tell you all what I think of them. If you care.

For my first book of 2013 this is a bit different. I only bought this because Mr D went to school with the Author & when I found this out, in one of those ‘who is that you’re ‘typing’ to on Facebook moments, Mr D casually told me that this old friend was a real life Author. Just like that, all casual, like he was telling me his old school friend worked down the docks or something. (FYI working down the docks in my town is nothing special.)

It was minutes before I’d persuaded Mr D that we should buy the book for goodness sake! Men. Don’t they know anything about supporting each other!?

So. The book. Like I said, this is not one I would have picked up off the shelf. Maybe if someone had picked it up for me, and I read the back, maybe then I might have bought it..but probably not.

Which makes me think I should be more adventurous about my book buying. You know it’s not all about love and cup cakes and pretty covers.

It turns out this book is based on the Authors true story. The journey of a pre teen boy who gets packed off on a Greyhound bus on a 3 day trip to go and live with his Grandma. I know what you’re thinking. What mother does that?!

I travelled to London on the National Express coach last year. My first 3 hour coach trip on my own. Sebastian is 11/12.

I really enjoyed this book. I have to admit to wondering which parts of the tale were true and which were added to fill out the novel, some parts I was hoping weren’t true!

Do you ever look at all your fellow passengers while travelling and wonder their story? This book has a lovely (well, actually, not all are lovely) cast of characters who join Sebastian at various stages of his journey, and one in particular ex con takes the little boy under his wing. This was the 80’s and I did love the references to it. I was listening to Abba and making up dance routines or playing in the ‘gang hut’ in the back garden. ‘Sebastian’ was wondering if he had enough money for food for the remainder of the journey.

This is a a lovely tale, made slightly gritty by the fact that it’s based on real life events, something a bit different for me, I would tell you to read it.


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