Saturday, 19 January 2013

Life of a writer


I think most bloggers have an inner writer just waiting, patiently (or not so) to be found. If only life didn’t get in the way.

This video will just make you want it more.

Enjoy. Oh and it’s filmed at Brighton remember where I went for my 40th birthday?



  1. Hi Claire,
    That film was so interesting as I have read most of her books. Love the views of Brighton too and that tea shop!
    Sarah x

  2. I loved that video, thank you so much for sharing it! I used to write ALL the time - a day wouldn't go by without some sort of short prose, a poem, or even just an idea being jotted down ... and now, I don't do it at all. That video made me miss it. I think I'm going to try again!

    x Jasmine