Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Favourite place to be…

There's something about a real fire that just makes you want to poke it. That's when you aren't staring into it achieving absolutely nothing. It’s good for the soul.

Maybe that’s why I married a carpenter? A girl needs a bottom less pile of wood.

This photo was taken on Christmas day which is why I have my glass of pink fizz. That is a vintage champagne glass which I bought from a lovely lady in Ireland can you believe that? I paid about 8.00 for two and they survived the journey. I think I may drink pink fizz more often, even if Christmas is over there’s gottta be more reasons to drink it?

As you may have noticed I just discovered Photo bucket and the edit button. Oh the possibilities are endless.

Today I have not been sitting at the fire. Today I have achieved lots. The spiders are homeless/have a sparking clean home in 3 rooms of the house. I have written mail to those of you who may or may not have noticed my complete mail failure this Christmas.

Hope you are either being productive or are sitting staring at the fire achieving nothing. Either one works.



  1. Oh I do love a good fire. It doesn't get cold enough here to warrant having fireplace but it looks so cosy. I like your glass too :)

  2. Oh I wish I had a fireplace, so lovely!

  3. Right now I'm sitting by the heater doing nothing! And it's nice! I do love a good fire in the fireplace, though!!

  4. Love your outfit in this photo - those stockings look gorgeous!

    I think you should celebrate the little things in life - and with a glass of pink fizz! Enjoy yourself!

    I wish it got cold enough here to have a fire place. Either way, I live in an entirely wooden house (all my furniture is wooden too!), so it'd be a bit lethal to have one in our house!

    x Jasmine

    PS. How good is Photobucket!