Tuesday, 15 January 2013

On my book shelves…



I seem to have started a small collection of old books for my shelves. Alice in Wonderland is a favourite.

I think we all do love Winnie The pooh…don’t we?


I think we all know by now this is the place to come if you love all things tea related..

I decided long ago that shelves aren’t just for books, they are a place for my pretty things to gather dust  look…well… pretty.


I only have one alcove in the dining room with book shelves built in, which is very sad for this girl with a love of books and who married a carpenter. One day, there will be a bigger house filled with book shelves….and tea cups……(look away Mr D)


It’s a good place to store cute glasses. Because my house is the Grimm Reaper to glass ware usually.

What do you fill your book shelves with?



  1. I like your selection of books. I love books but they don't look very attractive.I like the way you have added lots of pretty things around them.
    Sarah x

  2. Love your books! My shelves are stuffed to the gills with books. In my bedroom before college I kept my pretty things on the tippy top of the shelves and on the top of my tall dresser.

    I can't wait to decorate my own little place.


  3. Love your bookshelf!! Mine has a collection of handmade owls on each shelf sitting with the books!

  4. LOVE Alice in Wonderland - so witty, isn't it? I plan to reread it next year in a book club I lead. And I LOVE the silhouette on the glass too - so Victorian yet whimsical. It made me smile :)

  5. Love your bookshelf contents! We don't have a book shelf *gasp* But (and you will love this) we have plans for a renovation and we are going to have a library! Complete with a ladder on rails and everything!! Now to save the money ...

    x Jasmine