Saturday, 2 February 2013

That was then…


old pics 002

I was looking through my photos and came across this one I thought I’d share.

Taken on our holiday to Cornwall for our first wedding anniversary, this was 13 yrs ago and I can’t believe how young I look!

That’s Baxter, our black lab who had a fabulous time in Cornwall

This was the year of the petrol crisis. Remember that? We were oblivious in our cosy cottage for two, until one day we ventured out and saw the queues for petrol.

We quickly decided that we wouldn’t worry about getting home, we would have fun and use up all our petrol on the holiday, and if there wasn’t enough to get home, well, we would just have to stay!

Un fortunately the local station let us fill up when no one else was looking. How very annoying kind of them.

Oh, if you’re wondering about Mr D, here he is…

old pics 001


I actually think he still has that T shirt.

Love looking at old photos



  1. Awww it's fun to reminisce huh?! Love the memories here !

    Hope you are doing well:)


  2. OMG you two are way too cute! Just little babies here! It's always crazy to look back. I finally feel like I'm old enough now to look back and say "Remember when..." haha.

  3. I love looking back on old photos you remember some of the wierdest stuff when going through them.

  4. Hubby and I were just looking at some old photos last night! It's great remembering all those lovely moments that were photographed so we would remember them forever!

  5. nice to look back with fond memories

  6. How sweet!

  7. I love looking through old photos and remembering little memories. I recently found photos from my trip to Winnipeg for work, I almost forgot about that!

  8. I love walking down memory lane too! My hubs definitely still has a t-shirt or two that he had when we started dating!

  9. Looking at old pictures and being reminded of fond memories sure is a great thing. :) The retro-look of these pictures is so great.

    Have a relaxed rest of the week. xo.

  10. I love looking at old photos! You should post more!

    What caused the petrol crisis?

    x Jasmine