Friday, 15 February 2013

The Story of our First Date

(please forgive most of these photos are photos-of-photos)

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As tomorrow is the anniversary of Mr D and I’s first date, I thought I would reminisce with you..

24 years ago in a little sea side town, it was safe for a 16 going on 17yr old girl to sit on the sea front wall with her friends, talking to random boys who would cruise past in their cars, stopping to chat. It was even safe to get in and go for a cruise with them. To no where in particular…just hanging out chatting and meeting up with others.

I kind of knew Mr D. Well, I saw him on the bus to college if that counts. He was an apprentice carpenter and I was doing a hairdressing course.

Mr D in the evenings would do some delivery work for his mums business and I started to go with him (with friends mostly). I was attracted by the stash of maltesers that would be on the dashboard (see? how can a girl resist?) and the music playing on the tape deck  would often be one of my favourites of the time, Pat Benatar 

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One valentines after a jolly road trip I was delivered home to find a card and rose in my front porch, and it was the next day when I was at home with a friend that Mr D rang up and asked me out on a date.

There’s a bit of a twist in the tale, the friend I was with had a HUGE crush on Mr D. I knew this, Mr D knew this, I think our whole town knew this. I remember asking her if she would mind if I said yes? After all he obviously wasn’t going to say yes to her after all the hints she had dropped so why should I miss out? (not that I said that of course) Friend said no fine go ahead. I seem to remember that friend didn't talk to me for quite a long time after that.

Can you imagine if I had said no to spare friends feelings? She eventually found her soul mate and has been married for many many years.


So two days after Valentines day Mr D picked me up in his lovely little Triumph Dolomite, his pride and joy. I remember one of the side windows was taped up as some drop out had broken in to the car a few days previous. I also remember Mr D taking the tape  deck out and hiding it in the boot when the car was parked up. There was a pink panther hanging from the rear view mirror, and the seat covers were fluffy.

Where did we go on our first date? Mr D drove to the next town, where we went to Mac Donald's, then on the way home we stopped in a little village pub where I had a coke.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

We have had many many fun times since then and I’m am absolutely positive the fun times will just keep on coming.




  1. happy anniversary! that is soooo sweet. what a story. you both seem perfect together. hope you enjoyed a fun celebration.


  2. I loved reading this I adore hearing how couples met. I will be sending you a letter next week.

  3. happy every after! perfect. I wish cars like that were easier to source these days.

  4. Happy anniversary! You guys are so ridiculously cute! I can't stand it ;)

    I love this story. It is super cute. I love hearing how people met and how they ended up together. Please feel free to share more fun stories with us!

    x Jasmine

  5. Oh, this is so romantic and sweet :) Just found your blog and love it - looking forward to exploring :)

  6. Loved reading this just as much as I loved listening to the story in person. You two are a beautiful couple and had fun meeting you in person! You are both missed!!


  7. That was soo sweet and I'm glad you said yes because like you said if you hadn't to spare your friends feelings who would've known what would have happened :) x