Friday, 8 February 2013

Two wheels are better (& cheaper) than four



You know I love my bicycle, but every winter it does get neglected somewhat. I get lazy & the weather is against me. (I hate cycling in the wind!)

This week I’ve got Tilly out of the garage and Mr D has given her some tlc in the way of air in her tyres and some adjusting to stop the embarrassing ‘ting ting’ noise that was happening every time I peddled.


The first picture is taken many years ago as you can see before the addition of the pretty flower garland on the basket :)

Tilly & I are bonding again. We’ve been to town, to work, to the local shop, and tonight we will be venturing out in the dark to my sleep in shift, where she will be put in someone else’s garage all safe and warm over night.

If only it would stop raining.


She likes the sun best



  1. riding into the wind is no fun, riding into the cold wind is just horrendous!

  2. I still need to get my bike back up and running!

  3. I love you and Tilly together! I need to get my bike back out again. She's gorgeous and I've been neglecting her :(

    x Jasmine