Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Why passing time can get expensive

Today, I am sitting in waiting a parcel arriving. Although I am always excited for the arrival of parcels, I do find it irritating when they give a huge window of time to wait in. I wonder how people get their parcels that work a 9-5 job. They must live in a parcel-less world, which makes me sad.

book lover t shirt

The problem with waiting is that the computer is here, and I can easily order things like this t-shirt from ToTheMoonAndBack on Etsy.

I am in love with their whole range of T shirts.



  1. It is a pain isn't it? I always feel it wastes your day, as for me it's normal a day off. Worth it if the parcel is fabulous though.

    X x

  2. Its ok if you know its coming by Royal Mail as we have a collection office in town - which is open just 2 hours a day!! However if its one of the others and it gets taken back to Ipswich or Bury then its an utter pain.

    Have taken to getting some things sent to MrV's office as at least there's always someone there during the day.

  3. Ahaha, that is a great t-shirt!

    Do they not leave parcels at the door?

  4. My postman is very nice (in all senses of the word!)He goes round to the back garden and puts them inside a large empty pot I have with a large saucer on top to keep them dry.

  5. the answer is they miss the all constantly and have to wait for re-delivery/miss them again. i don't even work 9/5 and it still happens

  6. I hate that they usually only deliver within 'normal working hours'. I have a PO Box which helps with that, but some places only deliver to home addresses, and if I'm not home when they deliver they leave a little note and I go to my post office to pick it up later.

    x Jasmine