Thursday, 14 March 2013

Free Money? Why thank you!


free money

My Dear Rev Jon.

I'm sooo excited that I'm going to get a refund as I appear to be one of the (un) lucky victims of a scam which involes 1,0000 dollars! You're going to put it in my bank account right now? All I have to do is ring you?  I expect you’ll need my bank details? Why I'll get to it right away! OOO what ever will I spend it on? Clothes, shoes, Tea cups!!

Funny how I didn’t even realise I’d had any money missing in the first place, but hey ho, I’m not going to argue!

And I cannot for the LIFE of me think why your email found it's way into my SPAM folder. Maybe because it couldn't find a folder labelled SCAM!!



  1. Lol...I get these all the time!! So annoying!

  2. i can't believe those emails! but the sad thing is there are a handful of people, especially older folk, that actually fall for that. i've heard of friend's elderly parents who've done such things and lost a lot of their already depleting funds. it's so sad!