Sunday, 10 March 2013

Just because I’m not a Mother

Today is Mothering Sunday, the day when Mothers all around are showered with flowers and chocolates and taken out for tea, because apparently as a nation we need telling when to shower our Mothers with flowers and chocolates and take them out for tea.

It’s the day when Face Book statuses tell the world how much we love our mothers, even…I’ve noticed today..when some of said  mothers are not on face book.

My own mummy, as you know is away for the weekend, so today I have had a lovely lie in. Mr D brought me tea in bed where I read my Country Living magazine until gone 10.

After which I got up and did some housework whilst waiting for Mr D to bring croissants home for breakfast.

Since then, I have been reading, blogging & listening to my little radio.

Just because I chose not to be a mother, does not mean I’m any less deserving of a nice day, I am in fact, still an important part of the universe.

Just in case you were wondering.




  1. You're day sounds lovely. I confess to being a bit puzzled by people wishing each other a happy mothers day on FB - surely that is something you should only say to your own mum??

  2. I didn't know it's mother's day. We celebrate it in May in my country..

  3. Bless you. A belated happy mothers day to you too.

    Hugs x x

  4. Oh most definitely! You may not be a mother but you're an aunty so that has to count for something :)

  5. Oh, I agree. I too am not a mother, yet have 30 kids " In Loco Parentis" in my classroom everyday- and of which I can give back each evening. But I am an Aunty and my neice decided, when she was very little, that Aunty manda should have a day too, and so on the Monday after Mother's day- she proclaimed it as Aunties Day- and I have had a card every year since:)So Happy Belated Aunties Day :)