Sunday, 3 March 2013

People I want to punch in the face

Who would you put in your little black book….


People who buy products on e bay & then don’t pay…for days. Even when they bid for them at the last minute so they are obviously sat at the computer when the auction ends.

Shop assistants who are too busy talking and or bitching to their work colleagues to look at me when I’m buying something. Hey you work in customer service. So how about some.

Road users who try to kill my husband when he goes out on his motorbike.

Dog owners that don’t ‘pick up’ after their precious pooches. Dog owners that let their dogs run amok at the park, esp dog owners that let their precious fluffy bark and snap at other dogs and then look at the other dog like it was their fault. Get control. 

People who park outside my house on a Sunday to visit the sea front because they are too tight to pay for a ticket and too ignorant to obey the access only signs. The same people who leave their crap on the pavement. By crap I mean anything from empty MacDonald's wrappers to dirty nappies. Yeah. Classy tourists we have here.

People that smoke at work & assume they are entitled to a ‘smoking break’ every half hour. Then complain how busy work is. Hey I like to read. You could say I’m an addict. Think I could sit out the back & read 3 pages of my book every half hour?

That person behind you in the checkout queue that pushes into you with their trolley because you haven't moved the 2 inches up the line that's become free..

People that come to my door to promote the Bible. I believe everyone should fill their houses with pretty tea cups and books. Want me to come and tell you about it at 10am on a day after you’ve worked a night shift?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think their could never be a book big enough….



  1. I could add all of those to my book as well.

    I'd also add - people who come into our shop and treat me and the other staff like we are beneath them because we work in a shop.

    Oh and people who are impatient and can't wait whilst I serve one person - trying to pay without letting me ring the sale up properly - grrr

    Here's hoping for a rant free week!!

  2. Ha-ha! Very fiesty today Claire!

    While I don't want to punch anyone, I know where you're coming from. People who don't pick up their dog's poop really make me cross too. I ALWAYS cleanup after the Jedster, honestly I'd be wracked with guilt if I didn't. It's just lazy and very poor form. Not to mention disgusting! The same could be said for the people who throw their babies dirty nappies on your foot path! I do not understand them. Yuk!

  3. Yeah I don't think a big enough book exists!

  4. well i can get on board with some of these. nice to think about the good people in our day though too.

    thanks! we haven't set a date, way too early for that

  5. I agree with ALL of these. I would add people who don't treat pedestrians with respect even though they're in their cars. ESPECIALLY ON RAINY DAYS.

  6. I hear you on all of those! Especially door knockers (and not just the religious kind). I don't want to change gas companies, if I did I wouldn't wait til someone knocked on my door after dark when I'm home alone. Totally safe! *sigh*

    x Jasmine