Tuesday, 19 March 2013



vintage dressing table set

It’s not real silver, just silver coloured metal of some kind. I have no idea actually, just that the mirror is really quite heavy.

A colleague at the charity shop saw it and thought of me, which made me smile, I couldn’t not bring it home then huh?

I would never use this kind of brush on my hair. In fact I never ever brush my hair except for when it is first washed and still wet. Which makes me sound like I walk around with my hair looking like Raggy Ann, which probably isn’t far from the truth.

I actually kind of love it.



  1. nice of them to think of you while shopping

  2. That looks such treasure! I remember my grandparents having this type of set on their dressing table. The brush looks so different to what is used today. i like the decoration on the comb.
    Sarah x