Monday, 22 April 2013

Back to the place where we belong…


scarfel summit

I rang in sick to work for the first time in at least a year yesterday, but not before I’d finished 2 8 hr shifts feeling like crap. I know I’m some kind of hero, ringing in sick at the weekend would have been a bad move as they would have had to work one short…but I’m paying for it today.

However, brighter things are on the horizon, as holidays are just around the corner and soon Mr D and I will be heading off to The Lake District for a week in a cottage with friends.

I’ve been looking at old photos of past holidays there,and found this one above taken in 98 according to the digital date thingy.

Mr D and I are on the far left, did you recognise us?  This is before we were married, awww. There has been some debate as to which summit this was, we did soooo many in those days haha!


This one was more recent, 2010 making my way up Pillar. That hurt.


I’m thinking now that I’m in my 41st year, that I can get away with more of this kind of thing…..tea and cake. Well it is a holiday after all?!


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