Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Chapter One…


chapter one

I always knew there was a novel in me just waiting for the right time to come out.

At high school my best friend and I would write… not so much novels but on going sagas which never ended, we would each write a few pages, swap and read each others at break times talk about them and then take them home and write some more. Mine were never finished, had no real construction, and I never thought about what I was going to write until I was sat there with the pen in my hand.

I have written nothing since those high school days. Not many days have passed though when I haven't thought about it.

I’ve had the opposite to writers block, too many ideas are in my head, so many that I sit and stare at the note pad and end up writing nothing because I just never know where to start. The note pad just never seems big enough.

The time has come. I have decided that the cute note pads I keep buying with the thought of ‘they can be for notes on my novel’ are being filled up with characters and story lines,  and I have to tell you, I’m quite excited. Now that I have some words on that note pad, I can’t stop the flow.

I might even set a goal of a word count a day. Isn’t that what ‘proper’ writers do? Structure to the writing day, that must be a good thing no?

Have you got a novel in you somewhere?



  1. CLAIRE! Eep that is so exciting! I better be reviewing your novel one day.

  2. I love that you are writing your ideas on your pretty notebooks. I hope you get that novel out and we can read it one day :) I used to like writing stories when I was younger but now I want to try a kids book for fun.

  3. I do, but I haven't written in so long either! I'm so excited for you, I really need to get back into it.