Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Did you write a Journal

When I was younger I always kept one. One of those lockable ones to keep intruders out but which in fact would probably be really easy to break into if you cared that much about what I had written in it.
I never kept them, which is one thing in my life I do regret. I stopped writing in them in my late teens and never got back into it. I would always buy one and then never keep it up. Then I found blogging, and I feel like this is my journal, except that some people read it, it’s not locked.
It’s isn’t as private as a journal you can stuff in your knickers drawer, and so I am a bit careful about what I type on here, I would never write about any specific person or problem at work for example, but that doesn't mean it isn’t a true window into my life.
I wonder if people write a journal as well as post on a blog and if you write about totally different things in each.
Have you kept every journal you ever wrote? And do you let anyone read them or are they still locked/stuffed into your knickers drawer?


  1. i agree that a blog is like a little journal, which is nice. i do keep a diary. it's so funny. as a child i used to write a lot. now i write only on my birthday and sometimes at new year. but i love to look back on my thoughts and feelings. it's made me appreciate where i've been and where i've come to!


  2. I have half a dozen journels with Jan, Feb then ma.... and it stops. I would love to keep one, but i always stop or never find the time etc.. thats why i love blogging because you can go into and fall out of it all the time, esp as you can post so many pics that never fill up the albums you mean them to.
    I always read Bridget Jones and Adrian Mole in the Christmas holidays though...does that count?

  3. I've never officially kept a journal, but when I was 18 I got a LiveJournal (like a blog) which I used as a place to talk about anything and everything. It was friends locked, so random public couldn't read it.

    I tend to buy pretty journals with the hopes of wanting to write in them, but then I never do. But lately I've been thinking, "Wouldn't my future kids prefer a journals full of my thoughts rather than just a blank journal when I'm no longer around?" I know which I'd prefer from my Mum or grandma!

    x Jasmine