Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Do they know you write a Blog?



Do your friends and family know you write a blog? Do you tell them if the subject comes up in conversation? Or do you tell everyone you meet…as in  Hello my name is Claire I’m married and oh I write a couple of blogs here’s my address so you can look me up… maybe you have a little card with your blog address on that you whip out at every opportunity?

When I thought about this, I came to the conclusion that most of my friends don’t know I blog. I have mentioned to some of them but to be quite honest I don’t think any are into the whole blogging thing and probably forget I’ve said it by the time they get home. Some probably don’t even know what a blog is.

I feel weird bringing it up, when I have and people have asked what do I blog about and I reply oh you know, this and that, and I like to post pictures etc they just look at me like I’m from a completely different world. They are probably right, blogging can be a different world, a bit of creative escape. Which is one of the reasons I like it.

Then there’s the times that my blogging friends come up in conversation. At work the other day a colleague asked if anyone was going to NYC soon as there was something she wanted and without thinking I said oh I have a friend who lives in NYC, then they ask how I have a friend living over there and I say oh I met her though a blog I write. Awkward moment when they look at me like all their fears of my weirdness has been confirmed.

As for meeting blogging friends, ‘ what do you mean you went to afternoon tea with a complete stranger?’  They will never understand that just because we never met in person there are times I feel I know more about my blogging friends and have more in common than with the people I come face to face with daily.

 'I do have a card with my Etsy address on, & the blog which goes with that, so I would be more likely to tell people about that blog as I think of that more of a business. There’s no harm in giving people a business card now is there.

This blog though, is more of my on line diary and so in the same way that I would not say to friends here would you like to read my journal…I don’t often talk about this here blog of mine.

Maybe it’s because I feel quite protective of my little space in blogger world, It’s certainly not because I care what they think, I grew out of that a long time ago, but I do feel like It’s mine to do with what I like, if everyone I know started reading it would that influence what I post about?

What do you think?



  1. No-one (other than my few readers) knows that I have a blog. Mainly because of the last point you made - if I knew my 'real life' friends and family were reading would it influence what I post about? Hmm quite possibly.

  2. Your words made me smile my family know I write a blog and the friends I have told aren't very interested! I love being in contact with blogging friends through out the world, who share similar interests and know the benefits of blogging!
    Sarah x

  3. I keep my blog pretty quiet- I have a handful of "real life" friends that know that I blog (or rather, actually know how to find/read my blog). My husband knows I blog, as does some of my family- but none of them have the url or know how to look me up. Simply because my blog is my place to vent, share, create, whatever- and I do not want that influenced by anyone that may read it. Sometimes I wish I would get over it and share it more- my readership has always been low and I know part of that is because I don't publicize it to my friends- but in the end, I'd rather it be small and TRUE than large and influenced/jaded. :)

  4. This is a complex subject for me for sure. People who I consider really close friends now about my blog, but my family does not. At all. Which is kind of awkward.

    I'm trying to tell more people about my blog more regularly, but it's hard.

  5. The only people that know that I write a blog are my parents, siblings, husband and munchkin! :)

    None of my "real life" friends know! Unless they are secretly stalking me and they googled me than I'm sure they know! :)


  6. I think all my friends know I have a blog now and family, i don't bring it up to random people unless it feels relevant. I'm quite open about it these days mind you, wasn't always. It's quite a big part of my life now actually.

    I need new business cards

  7. I know that most people know that I blog, but aside from my boyfriend I'm not sure any of them read regularly.

  8. I've been blogging for 12 years, so pretty much everyone knows I write one! I have nothing to hide and I don't post about anything too crazy ;) So, I have no problems with everyone knowing.

    x Jasmine