Friday, 26 April 2013

He loves me……

Mr D brought me a bunch of daffodils home the other night. It was about midnight on a Tues which is the night Mr D goes and talks **llo**s important business with his friends at the local pub & I have a nice night in just me my remote and my online friends (actually typing that even to me makes me sound like a complete freak)
Anyway, the daffodils were lovely, a cute little bunch, I’ve put them in a vintage jug on the dining table, but considering there are no flower shops on the way to home from the pub & if there was they certainly wouldn’t be open at midnight, one has to question where they came from.
The daffodils in the local park are beautiful this time of year.
Am I worth doing time for? It would seem so.
PS. The picture is not exhibit A. I decided not to take any photographic evidence.


  1. That's so cute! best not to post the evidence :)

  2. Just home there were no churchyards on his walk home?

  3. Well it's the thought that counts anyway :)

  4. Well bless him anyway, best not show any evidence in case x x

  5. It is the thought that counts. Dawn's comment cracked me up!!!

  6. Cute story- Best not to ask too many questions. Just to say I have nominated you for a liesbter award- I know you have been blogging for a while,. but its a nice way to see what people are up to.

  7. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't... I don't really hide it, but I think they would get sick of me talking about it haha. My roommate hears a lot about it. But it's not usually too personal, though I don't usually have too personal lol