Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring Thoughts



The clocks changed at the weekend, which means a Happy Mr & Mrs D, more pottering about can be done in the lighter evenings & lots to look forward too in the (hopefully) warmer weather.

spring poster

If this sun continues, I may even be in danger of getting out in the garden and clearing it up a bit.

Spring Loves

Lighter evenings

Drinks at the Wood burner  outside

Adventures in the Home on Wheels starting!!

Beautiful walks in The Lakes

Planting pretty flowers

Reading the pile of books I’ve collected in the last few weeks

What do you love about spring?



  1. I love the lighter evenings too which will hopefully mean more evening walks and pottering around the garden, once it gets warmer! Also the garden filling with beautiful flowers and vegetables. I am looking forward to seeing more of your trips from your Home on Wheels!
    Sarah x

  2. Yay!!! For Spring!!! :) Winter is still being a pain here and doesn't want to seem to go away!

    You are missed and I get to hear your voice on my voicemail!! I saved it from the time you called me when you were visiting! :)

    Boooo!! For the parcel getting lost :( Don't worry about sending me another one :)


  3. I love Spring! The warmer days, the lighter evenings, floral prints, happy flowers - so pretty!

    We're heading into Autumn now, so I'm looking forward to warm tea on a cold night, stews to warm my tummy and lots of cardigans :)

    x Jasmine

  4. I love lighter evening too -haven't taken advantage of them yet, though, due to the extreme cold!

  5. i think my fave thing about spring are the flowers. and the warm but not real hot weather. and don't get me started on fashion :) haha, i love wedges and dresses and all that stuff!


  6. So jealous cause its getting darker earlier here sob sob.

  7. Lighter evenings, time spend in the garden and hopefully a little bit of sun x x

  8. i sure hope the warmer weather shows up sooner than later.