Saturday, 25 May 2013

High Tea by Sandra Harper Book Review No 7!

high tea sandra harper
Magpie's Tearoom is a cozy haven in bustling L.A. -- a place for luncheons, baby showers, or simply hanging out. Its owner, British expat Margaret Moore, relishes tradition...but between a frustrated chef preoccupied with her neglectful producer girlfriend and the tearoom's waitstaff -- a talented but desperate TV star who hasn't acted since Detective Buck Love went off the air, and a twenty-something ingénue who'll do anything to get the part -- her grandmother's scones begin to feel irrelevant.
When the critic from Tea Talk announces she is crossing the pond to visit, Margaret attempts to marshal her staff. But, being of the thespian variety, they all want to be doing something else. Yet despite the high personal drama at hand, the customers still demand their perfectly steeped tea and cucumber sandwiches....
As Margaret battles pilot season and produce-coordinator malfunctions, she begins to lose her will to L.A.
But can her L.A. neighborhood do without her tearoom? In this delightful debut novel with delicious recipes thrown in, Sandra Harper creates a hilarious world where Earl Grey and watercress make a meal, buttering the scones may get you scolded, and nobody does eggs anymore. Warm up the kettle and pull up a seat -- you don't want to miss High Tea!
I found this book on Amazon, you know where they give you recommendations based on your previous search’s. So I must have searched Afternoon tea. Ahem.
I wanted this book so bad and was so disappointed when it was out of stock, but a few weeks later I noticed it was available from another seller for the bargain price of 0.02p Yep you read that right. I don’t usually enter into this because usually the hiked up postage would make the book expensive but on this occasion the postage was under 3.00 making the book an absolute bargain.
This book looks and feels lovely. I have noticed before, when friends from across the pond have sent books to me, or when I have ordered books from the internet which are written by American authors that these books have a different feel to them. The paper is different which makes the book feel kind of floppy in your hand. Ok I know that sounds weird but you’ll notice next time, I bet.
So the book?  Disappointed.  The characters didn’t grab my attention really, their stories didn’t interest me and there wasn’t nearly enough description of the tea room for my liking.  I felt diddled. Almost like complaining to trade descriptions as I felt misled totally by the cover! I think this was originally written as a stage play which would make sense. I could have just read the back of the book (see text above)and would know all there was to know about it, there really was not much else.
I don’t think I’ve ever been looking forward to a book so much (Just look at that cover for goodness sake!) only to be reading it for reading sake in the end.
Sad smileX

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