Tuesday, 7 May 2013

How much tea is too much?



Spring cleaning my kitchen at the weekend led me to wonder if there is ever an amount of tea that would be considered too much to have in stock?

The tea is of course important, the other problem is all the tins are so pweeeeety these days, it’s a shame to throw them away, and you can always keep the posh tins and fill them with um…not so posh tea.


Then there’s the question of bags or leaves, depending if you are making a pot or just a cup, well there is just so many options available you have to cover all eventualities don’t you?

I have a whole corner dedicated to it.




  1. My mom has a tea tray of tea and coffee. I'll have a cupboard or something, I'm sure, once I have my own place.

  2. In my opinion you can never have to many.

  3. I may have twice this in my cupboard... lol You can never have too many!

  4. ah you can never have enough! i have a little cupboard full of it! :)

  5. That's exactly like me, only in my case it's coffee =-)

  6. i do have a whole corner too, only cardboard boxes but i have about 10 different ones though.

    glad you got a bit of cycling in and you enjoyed the band

  7. Well... I can't answer your question because for 8 years now, I don't drink tea anymore.

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  8. Can never have too many tea bags- earl grey, lady grey, liptons or Sabah! That's my choice- How I long for proper English brand tea! My suitcase is always full of tea when I come back!