Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Where did you live when you were young....

We were out last night with some friends talking about where we lived when we were all young (er) and It made me start looking at some old photos.
The pic above is in Cyprus, where we lived when my dad was stationed out there, I must have been about 6 here, with my sis, our uncle who would come over and stay, and a couple of friends.
I remember the sunshine, the pomegranate tree in the garden (the garden that was like a desert with not a not else apart from that tree in it), and I remember we went swimming. A lot. Either at the beach or this pool. Funny I can’t really remember this pool, but I remember all the beach’s we would go to.
This is even older, taken when we lived in Malta. (Again we were posted over there) My Uncle with us again. I’m the cute one in white…
The only thing I really remember about Malta is the block of flats we lived in, which had a flat roof and the washing would be hung out up there, and going out on the boats to the Blue Grotto
Found this pic of the grotto on Google…
blue grotto
Can you imagine living near there??
It always amazes me when people tell me they’ve lived in one place all their lives. (Mr D was born in the town we live now) I could never imagine it.
These photos make me smile, and think there were definately some advantages to being an Army Bratt…


  1. I agree. By the time I was nine, I'd lived in seven states and moved about eight times.

    I have mixed feelings about having roots (where I live now, there are people who go back generations) versus moving and experiencing a lot often.

  2. What beautiful places you have lived hun.

    X x

  3. I've lived in the same place, within a mile or two, all my life too! Haven't felt the need to leave..

  4. What great places to have lived in! I was born in Perth (Western Australia) and lived there for ten years until we moved to Brisbane (Queensland). Apart from that I've never lived anywhere else. I've never been out of Australia either. I'm a bit sheltered!

    x Jasmine

  5. I was an army bratt too but we didn't live anywhere warm like you -only Germany but it did give us the opportunity to visit many European countries on holidays. I loved seeing your photos!
    Sarah x