Sunday, 19 May 2013

Wilson Place Farm. Our Cottage (for a week)



The Lake District is always a favourite destination for Mr D & I. We’ve been holidaying here for the best part of 18yrs.

This time we stayed in a cottage on a working farm, a first for us.


By far the best equipped holiday cottage we have ever stayed in.

When we first came to The Lakes, the place we stayed was an old hunting lodge which had no electricity, and the water came in from the stream which ran down the side of the valley. It was great.

Nowadays, we are older, and we appreciate the dish washer and washing machine.



We never stay anywhere which doesn't have an open fire.


This field was often full of pregnant ewes, not sure where they are at this photo time….


We cooked on the Aga every day and I loved it. The bottom oven perfect for slow cooking casserole to be ready after a long day walking.


Having 2 living areas was quite a luxury too. But we didn’t fall out so this one was rarely used, apart from by Gypsy the springer when she thought she could get away with resting on the sofa..


This was my favourite spot, where the sun came round at breakfast time.

It was indeed a lovely week spent with friends. I have of course, lots more photos  which I will show you another day.



  1. Looks amazing! My idea of heaven to be honest! x

  2. Claire this looks an amazing place to stay. I love the Aga too! Didn't you get married in the Lake District?
    Sarah x

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