Thursday, 13 June 2013

The place I live



I thought I should start sharing more pictures of my little town by the sea, I am going to take my camera out on little strolls for you, but for today I thought I would share 3 photos of the same building, and you can see how much it has changed throughout the years.


According to records, there has been a Fludyers arms on this site since 1839. 

The building even played its part in the Second World War, a machine gun was installed in the restaurant in 1940.

In the last month it has re opened as a boutique hotel/restaurant and looks like this…

Mr D and I have enjoyed a meal here, and I am now waiting for the warm summer nights to arrive (please?) so we can sit out on the decking with a glass of wine and look at the sea.


Times change hey?



  1. I love seeing the changes of buildings over the years particularly if they are still in use. That looks like a good place to stay too!
    Sarah x

  2. Just like the comment above I too love to see how building have changed. when we were in France recently it was amazing to see all the war photos of the exact same houses that we were stood in front of.

    X x