Saturday, 13 July 2013

Angels in the Snow by Sarah Morgan. Book Review No. 10


angels in the snow sarah morgan

Have yourself a very magical Christmas, full of romance and sparkles! Stella Martin has come back home to the Lake District for Christmas. But is she brave enough to face the man who proposed, then immediately dumped her two Christmas Eve's before? Daniel Buchannan is not looking forward to Christmas - and even less when Stella reappears in the village. But this year will be different! Patrick Buchannan has to make Christmas special for his kids. Luckily, his son Alfie has a plan to make it happen. Alfie knows a lot about the magic of Christmas. And when snowflakes are falling, Christmas carols are ringing out, and the hills of the Lake District are shimmering in the snow, it's possible to believe in Christmas miracles.

This novel is published by Mills & Boon, but don’t let that put you off…I’ve never actually read a Mills & Boon novel, I have this idea that they wouldn’t be my type of thing at all….but this was nothing like I would expect.

It is a light hearted romantic easy read, but not sickly and old fashioned as is my preconceived idea of a Mills & Boon novel..

I was annoyed with the characters, I wanted to shake Daniel every time he blamed his up bringing on his commitment phobia, & I’m not sure that I would be giving him the second chance!

I read this way back at Christmas, it is compulsory to read some Christmas books by the fireside, and it did the job, although not crazy about it, it passed the time & entertained, which is sometimes all you want in a novel.

(I may be tempted to dive into the stack of Mills & Boon at the charity shop….ummmm…did I just type that??)



  1. I'm exactly the same I have to read a Christmas novel at Christmas and now I know what to get you for Christmas a Mills & Boon book hehehe.

  2. laughing that you're reviewing a Christmas book in the middle of July but then I saw you read it during Christmas which makes more sense :) I just started "Unbroken." it's not my typical novel but people have told me how exciting it is, so i'm looking forward to really getting into it!