Thursday, 4 July 2013

Campfire Nights

There’s nothing better than sitting round the campfire with a group of friends on the summer nights, when you are stuffed full of burgers and sausages but you still manage to squeeze in the crisps and nuts that are passed around the circle.
The chat is about everything and nothing, and the singing is often ear wrenching, but fun.
Sometimes, when the chat stops, you realise you’ve been staring into the heart of the fire for more than a few minutes.
Oh to be small enough to fit into a car boot complete with sleeping bag, torches and teddy bears.
It’s always nice when you get a little private fire work display too
The next time you wear the jacket, the smell of bonfire reminds you of the good time you had.
The bonfire that a friend kindly let you light on their front lawn.. (see previous post)
This weekends travels is a 4 hour road trip to visit grannie with big sis. There is a list of jobs waiting our attention, there will be no bonfire, but there will be some tea and cake.


  1. There is nothing like sitting around a camp fire it's just perfection.

  2. That will be me tonight - camping with Morris friends - can't wait :)

    Have a great weekend with your sis & Grannie xxx & thank you xx

  3. Have fun with your grannie and sister.

  4. Jealous of this celebration. Down here in Florida we've had rain for days and soggy American flags!

  5. you know, I've never been to a campfire setting or camping for that matter. Glad you're getting the time to do it though, good times. Did you have a TR7?