Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Clearing out a life time

Last weekend sis & I made the road trip to Yorkshire to visit Grannie, to see her new flat in a lovely modern sheltered housing complex.

Whilst there we cleared out the last of her house. Grannie lived in that house for 60 odd years, she brought up her 3 children there, had some great neighbours that would look in on her and bring her favourite ginger biscuits once a week from the market. An ex council house which she was able to buy later on, the house my sister and I visited regularly with our parents, where we made friends with some of the neighbours children, and played in the garden making Bertie Basset costumes out of polystyrene. 

grandad & sheena

Grandad & Auntie Sheena

So much stuff collected over 60 years, Grannie is a keen crafter, & one room was full to bursting with her crafting bits and pieces. The ribbons and buttons she thought one day would come in handy but then were forgotten amongst the drawers and tins.

We were in charge of making ‘executive decisions’ about which treasures to take to her new flat, and which to throw away or give to charity, I was quite impressed with how ruthless she was, only keeping what she thought she would really need.

I’m not sure I will ever be that ruthless with my collections, I look around at my piles of books, magazines and shelves of pretty china and I wonder what my house will be like when the time comes to move.



  1. Oh man, that would be hard to make decisions like that!

  2. You must've come across so many great treasures! I'm not a hoarder as such, but there are just some things I could never part with (and they really are silly things, but I refuse to let them go!).

    x Jasmine