Friday, 16 August 2013

Happy Un Birthday to me (& you)


I really should take the cards down, but I think they can quite legitimately stay up for a couple more days, and anyway that would mean I will have to get the duster out and that’s not something I want to happen right now. Birthday cards are like Christmas decorations, in that they act as a barrier between me and the dusting, which makes me think that maybe Un Birthday cards would be quite a good thing. 

The actual Birthday was great, there was summer motorbike rides, Pimms and cake, fish & chips on the beach, friends and some tea was involved somewhere along the way.



  1. SO glad your birthday was great. I still have a little bit of mail for you to send. Hopefully next week. Keep the cards up. I still have my birthday cards up from February! :p

  2. I agree with Gracie - keep your birthday cards up! :) I'm so glad you had a great birthday.

    x Jasmine