Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Someone parked a helicopter outside my door



Some would say it’s quite rude to park a helicopter outside someone’s back door, and then take off for home (Belgium I’m informed) whilst one is enjoying one’s cereal al fresco on a lovely Bank Holiday Monday.

Some, however would say that this is one of the joys of staying the extra day at the air show, you get treated to all manor of private displays, you get to watch everyone else pack away the camps, & Mr gets to give people a tow start at silly O clock in the morning so they can go on to the next show. That will be us one day. Going on to the next show…not needing a tow start..

Then there’s the 4 hours of Bank Holiday traffic in a big slow moving vehicle that people risk life and limb to get in front of just so that they can sit in the same queue of traffic…but one vehicle length ahead of us. They must feel so satisfied.

Hope your Bank Holiday was fabulous



  1. A great picture it must have have been quite a interruption to breakfast. The worse thing about bank holidays are the traffic jams!
    Sarah x