Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Be My Valentine, Debbie Macomber. Book review no. 14


be my valentine debbie macomber

My Funny Valentine
Dianne Williams needs a man. But only for a night. The night of the community center Valentine dinner, to be precise. Exasperated by her children's relentless efforts to get her a date, Dianne finds herself approaching a handsome stranger named Steve and making him an outrageous offer. An offer he doesn't refuse. An offer that might lead to more than just one night.
My Hero
Bailey York needs a man. But only on paper. She's writing a romance novel and she's having difficulty creating a hero. So she needs a real-life model for her story. Parker Davidson is perfect, everything a hero should be. But he wants to become the hero in her life, not just her book. And not just on Valentine's Day, either.

I’m so behind on my book reviews, maybe I should just have a week of a review a day to catch up!

Debbie Macomber is an author that you will usually find on your grandmothers shelf. Well mine anyway. I have read a few of her books in the past, and really enjoyed the Blossom Street set of novels, so when I found this at a second hand book stall I thought it would be a nice read.

This book as you can see has two short stories inside, both romances. It’s a long time since I read a short story and to be quite honest I found them both too..well short. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy them, far from it, Debbie’s romances aren't of the sickly Mills & Boon variety, they are funny and lively and make you want to know more, which is probably why I found these too short.

I managed to read this in a couple of days and it is now nestled on top of the pile of books destined for my next Yorkshire trip to Grannie’s house.


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  1. haha that you would find on your grandmothers shelf. i probably would!! but it does sound good :)