Thursday, 19 September 2013

Brooches aren’t just for grannies



I do think a nice brooch can transform an outfit don’t you?

I have a few an obsession with them at the moment, this is a recent purchase from the charity shop I volunteer in. I think it cost me 1.99. See you like it even more now dontcha.

I’m thinking I really need to have a sort out of my treasure of the sparkly kind, and may even have a sale as although I love them all, they are taking over my bedroom…


I bet I’m not the only magpie in blog land am I



  1. I love brooches I had a collection of big bright vintage flower brooches which unfortunately got stolen and I cant replace.

  2. I am a magpie too - that's why I started a shop on Etsy - now I have an excuse for thrifting!
    I have a few old brooches, and couple of new vintage style Erstwilder ones - they are very cute (search their page on facebook)!

  3. I always think I like broaches, but never actually wear them (which is how I am with almost all jewellery except for the few pieces I NEVER take off.

    These are beautiful though!

  4. I started buying old brooches at a carboot about 25 years ago, but I have regularly gotten rid of some over the years.

  5. Nope - I love'em! In fact I have one very similar to your top picture currently attached to my black jacket. I love your idea of displaying them in glass x Jane

  6. No you're not the only one in blog land! i have some very similar to yours.
    Sarah x