Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Lazy Summer Days are gone..



I miss summer already & it’s only been gone about 4 hours (or something)

I know it must be Autumn as Mr D has swept the chimney ready for the wood burning marathon, We’ve been sleeping with the window closed, and I’ve started wearing my bed jacket again. Yes I have a bed jacket & I’m not afraid to admit it..or wear it..

On the plus side I looked out my thick tights, I’ll be able to start wearing the 127 scarfs that hang around the house, & hopefully, there will be cosy times in front of the fire with a good book (or 10)

I have to go and get dressed now for work, which is ridiculous as it’s only 6.30 am. Should be against some kind of rule.



  1. I love this time of year - summer is not so for me, this is my favorite season! Hope autumn hangs around for a while! xxx

  2. I've got a bed jacket too - perfect for reading in bed, rather than having your dressing-gown all bunched up behind you.
    I have to start work at 6.30am, so have to get dressed at 5.30am. It really should be illegal!!

  3. it's still above 90 degree here... and I've never needed a bed jacket... but I like what you're saying!

  4. Yep it's getting super chilly here, I'm so excited to use the fireplace!!

  5. TRUE, we can wear scarves now, but i miss sitting outside and drinking coffee!