Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Our very own roof top viewing platform



(one of) the good things about taking a big mobile bedroom to an air show to exhibit, is that we get to have our very own viewing platform, up on the roof.

If we are lucky as we were a couple of weeks ago, we get to park our vehicle along the flight line, so we get the best view.


As you can imagine, this thrills Mr D no end, especially when The Mistress his plane arrives to display.


There she is in all her glory. Showing off. Humph.



As you can see here, he is a very happy boy.


Of course there were lots of other planes that came, these ones had wing walkers on top, but you can’t actually see them in my photo!


And of course, not to be left out, my plane came for a fly past too :)

Not forgetting the wonderful Red Arrows, who landed and stayed overnight.


Getting ready for take off….


As you can see it was perfect air show weather, which is a bit hit and miss here in England, only the day before the clouds were so low not many planes could display, but still the British public came with their picnics and umbrellas!


mmmmmmmm can you smell the sausages…

Today I have most of the day off, and the sun is still shining!! So I shall be descending on the sister for a cup of tea and much gossip.

What are you up to?



  1. Fabulous photo's Claire and the breakfast looks delish!

  2. That's amazing, I can imagine the view from the top. Love this sort of stuff and it reminds me of being a kid, going to watch the shows.

  3. Claire you live such a fun life, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

  4. I love that photo of the two of you, really sweet.

  5. Oh, what fun!! I love your pics, Claire...beautiful shots you captured! Sounds like you and Mr. D had quite a lovely time...yep, a room with a view...what a spot you all had!! :) Love the pic of you and the mister!! :) Hugs!!

  6. Hi Claire
    Thanks for your comment and for following me :) I'm way behind on my blog at the moment - catching up with holiday posts from mid august and I've just started working full time and gone back to university so life is hectic! I hope you'll enjoy my blog - once I've got things caught up and in order!

    These photos are fantastic, what a great day. I will follow you too as I like the look of your blog, but please forgive me if I don't leave many comments at first - I'm struggling to adjust to me new route at the moment and have so little time, hoping everything will settle down very soon!