Friday, 27 September 2013

Paddling to the Thames

paddle steamer
Next week the Mister & I will be looking up at Tower Bridge from this paddle steamer, cannot wait.
The last sea going paddle steamer in the world, you can read all about it and where you can get on it for a trip on their website here
I’ve even cancelled work in order to go. I did feel a bit guilty for a nano second. But not guilty enough to not go.
I’d love to know if anyone else has had a trip on it?


  1. Looks awesome, I cant wait to see some photos from your big adventure.

  2. Wow I'm sure you will have a great time- it looks tiny against London Bridge. It always visits Weymouth once a year but always seems to clash with other things that are going on - one day I will take a trip! In the meantime I will look forward to hearing all about it! Sarah x

  3. That is beautiful! Sounds like a blast :)!

  4. That looks like it will be a fun time! I have never done that before!