Monday, 30 September 2013

September’s been & gone



So that was that, September over in a jiffy. Well 30 days to be exact. Yesterday, I realised I had worked an average of 47 hours each week in Sept, so I am fully expecting October to be much more relaxed.

To start that off, I said no today to a shift this evening which I could have done, if I had really set my mind to it and jiggled my day about, and for a nano second, the word yes nearly came out of my mouth, but just in time, I found the no word.

This week is full of fun, because there is absolutely no point to working all those hours if there is no fun at the end of it.

Tonight I am going to have a well deserved glass of wine, and a read of the November issues of some subscriptions..


My heart does skip a little beat when I walk in and find these on my door mat.

I will probably have a nice big helping of the crumble I made yesterday. Because Autumn is crumble weather, and Mum has too many fallen apples. I remember a time I was given the whole crumble. Now I get given a bag full of apples. Welcome to adulthood.


Hope you aren’t all working too hard.



  1. I don't know how you work that much Claire! We're short staffed at my restaurant right now and a few of my coworkers have been pulling doubles but the idea of being there for 14 hours just makes me want to throw up. No way!

  2. That apple crumble sounds delicious! Especially since the apples come from your Mum's tree!

    x Jasmine