Friday, 13 September 2013

Who knew..


old pics 016

It’s the 14th Anniversary tomorrow of the day Mr D drove the jeep around Ullswater lake to The Glenridding Hotel in The Lake District, while I rode across the lake on a steamer to say ‘I Do’

As you may spot, Mr D wore light coloured jeans and Dr Martin boots, whilst my whole outfit cost 350.00 and the flowers were mostly picked by my Granny on the morning after she proclaimed that i ‘could not get married without a bouquet!’

If you are wondering why we would get married up there, in the Hotel Library, It was the nearest place to get married to our regular holiday spot with a group of friends. In the days before I knew about Google, I rang up the local tourist information and asked, where can we get married!

old pics 003

Here is the holiday spot in the middle of Martindale Common, where a group of us spent a week. We spent many happy evenings over many years on that balcony.

Tonight we are going out for a meal with some friends, whose anniversary is a couple of days after ours

It seems like yesterday.

old pics 015



  1. Congratulations on your weddding anniversary, hope you have a good evening. I love your wedding photos.
    Sarah x

  2. Oh that's lovely - but £350? That would have bought you a castle in Scotland in those days! Happy Anniversary! Jane x

  3. Oh happy anniversary! 14 years is awesome!

  4. Happy Anniversary, sounds like a great way to get married :)

  5. Happy anniversary, and wishes for many more years together!