Friday, 4 October 2013

A day off for Treasure Hunting


New vintage shirt

This week, the sis & I went off in search of treasure.

The youngest niece had the day off school, due to the teachers strike (no comment) so she got dragged came along too. Never too young for treasure hunting.

We went HERE.

battlesbridge tea room

Oh my. My new favourite place.

vintage tea

The tea room at the very very top of the centre was worth the climb.

battlesbridge tea room view

With a nice view

Antique hunting

A whole array of little shops, this one was an old railway carriage. Oh I could have lived in that one.


Lots and lots of garden things to buy or sit on.

There was so much to see, a maze of treasure filled rooms. I got lost.

I bought the shirt in the first picture. I could have bought a lot more but I restrained myself until the next visit. Which will be soon.



  1. How fun and such pretty ladies! Seems like the perfect day off school to me! xxx

  2. What a charming place to visit, I am sure your niece had a lovely day.

  3. I would adore vintage shopping with you. Especially if it includes having tea and sweets too :)

  4. Oh how fun, you always visit such sweet places.

  5. I think you need to take me here when I come visit one day!

    x Jasmine