Thursday, 17 October 2013

End of the Season



Regular visitors of my blog will know that in the ‘show season’ I will mostly be found on a windy airfield with a pimms or cup of tea alternately in this truck. The season runs from bout May through to the beginning of October, and now we find ourselves with the task of packing up our home on wheels and putting her to bed for the winter. Mr D has spent the summer making a new shelter for her, to protect the old girl from the elements, so she should be happy & cosy.

This doesn't mean we will ignore her for the whole of the winter, we have been known to take her out and park in some snow filled woods for a night or two…remember this adventure?


I have to admit I might be secretly hoping for lots of snow this year, I do love it, and there’s nothing cosier than setting up camp and sipping a mug of mulled wine/cider in front of the wood burner.


I might do a post about our home on wheels next, I’m not sure I’ve ever shared her story.


PS. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post, I am feeling so much better today, even went out for a walk along the prom, It’s so lovely you all come to visit me when I’m feeling rubbish, it makes my day.


  1. Please do, it looks amazing!

    We are off on are last rip with our caravan next week for this year. Makes me sad to be honest.

    X x

  2. A book and a cozy fireplace are the perfect combination for winter! Lovely. X Jane