Thursday, 3 October 2013

Froctober, Kylie style



So I’d never heard of Froctober. I’ve heard of Movember, but Froctober was new to me until I read Kylie's post

In the aid of Ovarian Cancer Research, Kylie will be wearing a dress every single October day, and showing us all on her blog.

For the record, Kylie if one of my bestest bloggy friends, I pride myself in having the best blog buddies, who have become more to me tan virtual friends, she is just the sweetest, and has even offered her services to my Niece if she ever finds herself stuck whilst travelling. (She may live to regret that)!

She is also pretty shy on her blog, you don’t normally see photos of her on there, so believe me, this month is going to be a real treat for you all, here are the dress’s you’ve missed so far..


How cute is this!!  (you can buy it if you like, all proceeds are also donated)


So. Go without the morning Latte. Pass up the bar of chocolate. Buy a takeout instead of sit in.

And pass on the money to support Kylie in her campaign.

Click here to sponsor her

Remember every little helps!!



  1. Hello...lovely of you to feature Kylie ....I have just donated!

    re your comment on my post yes that camera is real it is made by lomography...they are new but not digital you have to have the film developed like 'the old days' 12 year old is fascinated by that???

    bestest Daisy j x

  2. That's a great idea, charity incentives spread great awareness.

    Not been to the Levi's shop on Regent st but Levi's is my fav denin brand.

  3. Thank you Claire x

    So many lovely words (not sure about the piccies though! Ha!)

    p.s. I was serious about your niece too btw :)