Monday, 4 November 2013

Because everyone should ride a pumpkin once in their life..



One things for sure, those upstairs at my j.o.b know how to throw a party.

Off we went on the coach to the Halloween party at Dunston Hall.

For costumes sis & I dressed up in replica work attire (we were asked at one point if we had actually wrecked our uniforms haha), suitably trodden on and mucked up to become Zombies. 

zombie carer

Mr D helped with the uniform by providing a tire print and gun shot wounds.

Needless to say there wasn’t anyone else dressed in this and that is always my goal. Who wants to be another witch on the dance floor. And since when did Halloween become an excuse to wear next to nothing and shoes you can’t dance (or even stand) in?

There was plenty to enjoy, 2 live bands, a disco, trick or treat games, photo booths, gambling tables (pretend money) and a free bar. All. Night. There are some that would say this is an extreme waste of money. But hey, I’m not going to turn it down.

Oh, and did I mention the Pumpkin? Extremely hard to get on. That’s when a passing Elvis comes in handy..

pumpkin 2

Hope you all had a great Halloween



  1. Loves like good fun Claire! Thanks for dropping over to Thriftwood and for your lovely comments

    Love Claire xxx

  2. Lol! You both look incredible. What a great way to spend Halloween.

    X x

  3. Well that's how you do it, the old ride a pumpkin!

    Buckets & Spades

  4. haha dying at those pics of riding a pumpkin!!! and love the tire tracks on the costume!

  5. Riding a pumpkin?! Now I'm trying really hard to figure out how that works

  6. Halloween passed me by as it does every year I'm afraid. Your costumes are brilliant, totally original. Judging by the photo's you had a few sherbets.