Saturday, 23 November 2013


Working shifts and/or being a relief worker means weekends aren’t always on the traditional Sat & Sun, so as I will be working from 2.30pm tomorrow (Sun) right through till 8.30am  Mon that did mean that Fri & Sat has been my ‘weekend’.
Yesterday (Friday) I did actually spend most of the day in bed as I had worked an awake night Thurs. My day spent in bed consists of getting up occasionally to pick up the post, go to the loo, answer the phone, throw  (sometimes I turn it off, depending how tired I am) and throw a log on the wood burner. I did actually get dressed and Mr D & I went to the local British Legion club to meet some friends and listen to a band. Going to the Legion isn’t something we do regularly, in fact we’ve only ever gone there for private functions, but we had a good time.
By the time we had cadged a lift home and invited said chauffeurs in for tea and a warm by the burner, it was late and so this morning I didn’t peek out of the curtains until 10.30am. !
Today has been spent taking some things to the charity shop and listing treasure on E bay. I’m being very good lately at not hoarding everything, and it’s amazing what I’ve found whilst tidying. So now I don’t need to buy a new pair of slippers as I discovered a brand new pair with the tags on that I think I received last Christmas!
Tonight we are going to some friends house for a drink & out for a meal. This will be the first journey on my bike since Mr put a basket on the back luggage rack for me to carry my shopping in. Nervous?
When I said I wanted a basket on the back I didn’t quite envision one this big.
I will let you know how it goes and if I have to avoid any narrow spaces.


  1. I almost NEVER have normal weekends off - I spend them working!

  2. Loving the basket, ideal for bottle of wine or two! Hope you enjoyed your Fri/Sat weekend.

    X x

  3. Love the basket! Hope your weekend was wonderful! xxx

  4. I'm finding ebay less and less appealing, with the postage rules being slow strict now. How are you finding it?

    Buckets & Spades