Thursday, 5 December 2013

It’s going to be a long night…

It would be true to say I wasn’t happy at being woken up at 6am today by the telephone, then when Mr D came in to tell me it was the flood warning, I admit I mumbled something about it being ‘too early’ and turned over. I awoke again at 9am having dreamt that my house had been flooded and to see Mr D moving things around.
To get an idea, my house is in the red zone of Felixstowe in the photo above. Which you can also see in the photos below, showing the flooding of 1953 where the water came up to the bedroom window of the house & many people died in the area.
house 2
This is the worst flood warning we have had in the area since then..
All day has been spent moving precious items upstairs. Believe me 23 years in one house means there are lots of precious items to move.
This afternoon a nice young policeman knocked on the door and handed me an evacuation notice.
I will be on night shift tonight (up the hill so nice and dry) But I am taking my radio tuned into the local station for updates, my trusty girly mag lite torch, chocolate and sweeties. What more can a girl need?
Mr D will be staying on flood watch.
Hopefully there WON’T be any photos of flooding to show you next time..


  1. Oh dear I hope it isn't as bad as they are anticipating and you don't suffer too much damage, Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    Sarah x

  2. Hope you aren't too badly affected Claire. Luckily I'm 20 odd miles inland, but lots of my colleagues live in Gt Yarmouth so lots of worried people.

  3. Oh my gosh Claire was scary! Keeping you guys in my thoughts, please keep us updated!

  4. Our prom is basically the sea today, apparently the sea defence collapses. Take it easy.

    Buckets & Spades

  5. I hope things are ok with you today? Seems the worse was further up the coast around GY and Lowestoft.

  6. Oh no, hope all will be well! Stay safe! xxx

  7. Oh my goodness - be safe! And keep us posted