Monday, 9 December 2013

Out with the old

I love my Filofax, I’ve had it for many many years, since the days before cute coloured or patterned ones existed, and use it all the time. I own a Blackberry, but have never ever used it to it’s full potential, I much prefer to write stuff down on paper.
I do get some odd looks when I pull it out of my hand bag sometimes.
Lately, however, my trusted Filofax has looked a bit tired and worn, & I confess I have been looking longingly at the lovely new ones on the shelves, but they are pretty expensive so I resisted for quite some months.
That is, until I found that WHS have a sale on, and I just couldn’t say no.
So many pretty colours, I settled for purple.
I have to say I was annoyed when it arrived with the 2013 diary pages in it, so I had to go and buy the 2014 ones, luckily they too were on offer & I didn’t buy the genuine Filofax pages, but settled for the WHS branded ones which were half the price anyway, otherwise I would have been spitting nails.
I am a bit sad to say goodbye to my old black one, but having served me well for many years, it is now being retired to the office drawer.
Do you use an organiser? Or is everything you need to know programmed into your phone?


  1. Your new filofax looks so smart. I can be so disorganised sometimes, I have often tried different things but they never last the test of time.
    Sarah x

  2. I have a calendar organizer that I use and love. and get a new one every year.

  3. I will always be the person with a calendar organzier/planner. I just can't use a cell phone. Maybe it's the English nerd in me (us?) that we NEED TO WRITE IT DOWN. Congrats on your new purchase :)

  4. Purple is good. No, I don't use my phone, even though it has many functions. I carry a diary around with me - a must when you do shift work, or I'd never know whether I was coming or going.

  5. I don't have one but I could defo benefit from one. I use a big note pad and a diary but I do like the functionality of Filofax.

    Buckets & Spades

  6. I used to use paper planners all the time and after seeing all these cute 2014 ones, I'm thinking I should pick one up again

  7. I have ares one and I am quite lost with out it as it is my work diary. Thanks for the heads up about the half price diary inners as I need to go get one.

    X x